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Visitor app

Give your attendees the full conference experience, one that synchs them and their devices to everything that’s going on. The Event Gates Visitor App works on iOS and Android platforms to connect attendees to all the event calendar has to offer, and in real-time.

The app put everything right in the visitors’ hands, the entire event’s content, schedule, registration options, as well as third-party material like exhibitor links and promotions, or sponsorship connections. Visitors can take and share photos, make notes on exhibitors and contacts, find local entertainment options, all from the app.

The Visitor App’s interactive Event Map goes beyond a basic layout of the floorspace. Using actual logos, it helps direct users to exhibitor’s locations while providing key points of interest, references or contact details.

The Visitor’s App was specifically designed to adjust to the flavor of your event, and as such is quite customizable. The app provides a brand-specific guide through your event, one that encourages enrollment and greater participation.
Registration and mobile badge

Making it easier for guests to register for your event is key to the Event Gates design. Fast and simple registration options will help improve recruitment, but can also demonstrate the high level of professionalism involved in your event.

On-site kiosks make it possible for attendees to self-register at set locations without a staff member present. Visitors can process their payment and print ID badges for the event right from one location, and all in one visit.

Our mobile registration tablets allow organizers the freedom to take recruitment efforts out into the field, handling the same services as the kiosks including printing badges on durable thermal paper
Floor plan

Attendees appreciate having the ease of an event’s floor plan right at their fingertips. Event Gates is customizable to integrate content and details about every part of your event. Users will be able to see and understand the layout of your full event space.

Relevant links and reading material for speakers, topics or individual functions can be accessed easily using the Floor Plan, encouraging better participation and enrollment among potential attendees.

The Event Gates Floor Plan, much like the visitor’s App, is a powerful recruitment tool, offering a walking tour of your event that can be easily updated for last-minute changes
Micro social network

Social media can drive much of the action at events and planned gatherings. It often becomes the heartbeat of professional conferences, where much of the networking and planning takes place digitally.

Event Gates allows visitors to interact with social media at the level they are most comfortable with. With permission, their attendance can be shared across networks like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. These options are adjustable within the app, both for users and organizers.

Visitors can access a list of attendees, and are able to directly follow 1st and 2nd level contacts. It’s all built around improving your event’s interactive potential
Exhibitor and product lists

From large sales conferences to niche tech events, the products and exhibitors featured at professional gatherings are usually the true headliners. The designers of Event Gates understand the need to offer clear, viable content for these important partners.

The Visitors App provides users with a full, real-time list of all exhibitors, complete with details of what they’re bringing to the event and a timeline of their planned roll-outs.

Visitors can share their favorite exhibitors and products across social media, and instantly link up with the contacts they need
Visit planner

Help your attendees make the most of their time at your event. The Event Gates Visit Planner allows visitors to chart out an entire strategy for attending your conference.

Different people approach events and conferences in their own unique way. This feature helps guests in determining which specific events to attend and register for, with a clear overview of the schedule, locations and topic.

The Visit Planner helps guests relax a bit more, knowing they have the full options right at their fingertips. It allows them to focus more on networking, plus enjoying and making the most of their time at your event
Info lists

Every event comes with its own unique challenges. They can range from specifications on parking and space access, to enrollment options and partnership opportunities that require greater detail.

The Visitor’s App was designed to help users get information and manage it. They are able to take notes about exhibitors and products, and in Info Lists they can access all the nuts and bolts of your planned event.

Many professionals rely on having reliable details about events and exhibitors, meticulously planning their schedule around the highlights they don’t want to miss. Info Lists helps attendees put the entire schedule intro perspective, to plan a strategy and maximize their time

About Us

Event Gates is your pathway to more successful conferences, fairs and professional gatherings.

Finally there’s a suite of online tools and mobile apps dedicated to maximizing the potential of events and professional conferences, both for their organizers and attendees alike. Event Gates is specifically designed to cater to the needs of everyone involved, from speakers and exhibitors to sponsors and support staff.

Our powerful mobile and web tools are used by event organizers to help streamline both the registration and check-in processes, as well as to promote different aspects of the event. Meanwhile, attendees are able to plan their schedule and network with ease using a variety of tools. These include a full venue map, a complete listings of all functions and ways to interact more easily with other participants.

Exhibitors are also covered by Event Gates, including the ability to track their visitors and coordinate new leads, all without losing precious time plugging in new data. Instead the tools and apps of Event Gates work closely together so everyone can focus more on the job at hand.

From early planning to post-event follow-up, Event Gates helps you map out every step in the process. By tracking demographics and feedback response, it even helps provide clearer guidance on planning your next event as an even bigger success.

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Event Gates is your pathway to more successful conferences, fairs and professional gathering.

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